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I have looked at GridMarket for the grid layout that I would like to achieve but I don't want to override my existing theme. To explain further my site has the Weaver II theme running and the store/shop (with MarketPress Plugin) is one menu and subsequent pages within this theme.

I have seen the MarketPress Product Grid Shortcode which works for the main Products page only.

Has anyone developed something similar for the Categories page?

  • DavidM
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    Hi Filbert,

    Someone else around here might have a more specific or complete implementation for you but one method I can see is to utilize that plugin graciously provided by Nick in the add-on thread.

    With it activated, you'll be able to use the market_mp_list_products() function that the shortcode uses, but at the template level.

    You'd have to utilize a MarketPress template as detailed in marketpress\marketpress-includes\themes\Themeing_MarketPress.txt, likely making a copy of your theme's category.php file, renaming it mp_category.php and customizing it to use that function.

    It does still involve some degree of coding, but that should help you get started.


  • Filbert
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    Hi David,

    Thanks for the reply - I thought it might involve some coding (gulp) but this whole thing has been a great learning curve! I was looking through Nick's code today but your pointers were the missing link - thanks.

    If anyone else has a solution or part solution, it will be gratefully appreciated - meanwhile, if I crack it, I'll be pleased to share it!

  • DavidM
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    Hi Filbert,

    No problem with keeping the topic open, the topics around here are almost always open actually. The "open" status is just for support purposes, though we still keep an eye on updates to threads marked as "closed" as well.

    I'll close this up to keep things tidy on the support end, but the topic's still up for discussion and actually, just to mention, the developers are looking to get something like that integrated directly in MarketPress. We can't give an ETA on it, but it's being looked at.


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