Grid market Theme-Product Linking to Categories and Store Default

I am midway developing my theme and using gridmark but would like some advise on linking strategy please using gridmarket and mega menu.

Due to the large category listing on my site approx 35 and growing, I have had to use a mega menu navigation, as it would have been impractical to include 3rd and 4th level drop down menu.

From the menu bar I have main category items within the mega drop down menu and I have also got the “store” default added to the mega menu bar.

My idea was that within each main category there are going to be approx 20 + products displayed on the category page, which is going to utilize the gridmarket grid display option.

Can someone explain to me how best to link the individual product pages to the main product categories to the mega menu, taking account of the fact I am unable to link each page through the normal menu linking drag and drop method and also using the store default option that is available within gridmarket.

I am going to review videos again but not sure with respect to mega menu method, leaving out 3rd level drop down.

Hope I havn’t confused anyone with this!



  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hey there @james

    I hope you’re having a great day!

    You don’t need to manually link the products on the category pages themselves. Once you assign any product category to a product, that product will appear automatically on the corresponding URL.

    For example, on this category URL:


    …only products that are actually in that category will be displayed.

    See here for an example:

    Change the option in the Category filter on the page and note the change in the URL in your browser’s address bar, as well as the change in products that display on the page.

    To see it working on your site, simply create a few dummy products and assign a product category. You’ll then see those products display on the corresponding category URLs on your site.

  • James
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the feed back and your related comments. Yes, that works fine and makes life really simple for adding products very quickly. One of the things that threw me was that I hadn’t “published” the two demo products I had created, they were still showing private and therefore were not showing up in the category assigned to them.

    What I also like about this is that many of my products spill over into a number of category listings, ie health issues, addictions, habits and disorders etc, and so it’s really simple to cross reference them with a few clicks.

    Now I can delete all of the manual categories I had spent time creating, as that was only causing more confusion in my mind, with having the product categories already available within Marketpress settings.

    I guess with a bit of customization I can get the product category pages looking a bit more unique hey!

    Patrick, many thanks for your help with this, I had spent a few hours scratching my head with this issue.

    Best Wishes


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