GridMarket FrameMarket homepage problems. Please help

I am using the child theme GridMarket with the MarketPress plugin. I have two main concerns. Right now if you go to the homepage it will currently show you every product you have listed.

I would like to know the follows:

1.) Is there a way that I can code the theme to show make "WordPress Post (category featured) instead of every product I have in my MarketPress plugin? If so how do I do this?
Please tell me what file to edit, the code I need to replace, and the code to add.

2.) As stated above currently GridMarket homepage show all products listed. I also have the membership plugin. I use it so site visitors can not access paid members discount price products. Because GridMarket show all products I have listed site visitors can buy the products with the discount price from the homepage.
Is there a way that I can code GridMarket homepage to only show products from a choosing category?

Please provide file, code to replace and the code to be add?