Gridmarket Issue-Fatal Error Message

Hi Support,

I have a rather urgent support issue I need assistance with.

While working on my site this evening I noticed an update from wpmudev at the top of the page I was working in. It was an Install for a release for a "Reader "plugin, and I pressed the install button. I then got the following Fatal Error message below and now I am unable to navigate my site, make changes or save anything!

I am also unable to view my plugins or to delete them etc, here is copy of the message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_blog_status() in /home4/superhot/public_html/ on line 332

Can someone have a look at this for me urgently please, I believe that support access is still open on my dashboard.

Many Thanks


p.s. I am also unable to raise support through my wpmudev dashboard, as I am unable to access it either.