GridMarket Marketpress Multisite network

Hello, I have GridMarket(framemarket) and MarketPress network enabled on my multisite isntallation.

I have created some test sites with test products to see how they show up on the main site. When using the standard 'recent posts' for the home page, I get this on my home page I get the first screen shot uploaded. When I leave it default, products show up there, When i change the "order by" from default to something else (i.e. release date, popularity), no products show. this is shown in the second screen shot. How can i get these products to show here?

Furthermore, I have created another page and I have been trying to get the shortcodes to work for me. What i want is first shortcode to display the most popular products on the network. This is what i Have, Correct me if I am wrong.

[mp_list_global_products paginate="1" page="5" order_by="sales" order="DESC"] I just want to show the top 5 products

Next I have another one where i want to just the 5 most recent products and I have this

[mp_list_global_products paginate="1" page="5" order_by="date" order="DESC"]

again correct me if i am wrong. If you can just show me the correct shortcodes to do these 2 options i would really appreciate it

Thanks in advance!