Gridmarket + MarketPress Traslation

Hi, I'm using Gridmarket with MarketPress, WP 3.2 it_IT.
I'm halfway through the Italian translation of MarketPress based on mp-default.po (by the way are you aware of any existing Italian translation? - couldn't find any).
It seems the translation is interfering with functionality: for instance it is impossible to save the "Set Up Your Theme" pane in the theme options (see attached screen-shot). I looked into your code and in fact the rendering of the header (in the framemarket header.php) is based on the english values of the logoinput entry in the framemarket_theme_options array.
If functionality is based on terms in a specific language that can change if the theme gets translated, it doesn't really qualify as "Fully Internationalized", although I'm confident the Theme options problem is just a random blunder; I wouldn't like to break more functionality by continuing the translation though - please advise.