Gridmarket Mod questions


I’ve developed my own child theme using GridMarket as a starting point and there are a few things I can’t seem to find, so I thought I’d ask.

The header image should be log, but when I upload it using the header option in WP in crops and stretched the image, how can I fix that? Also, I can’t figure out where that green hover is coming from over the logo. See here:

On the individual posts and Blog page the content goes off the right a little, I have tried modifying margins and padding and nothing seems to change it, what am I missing? See here: &

How can I make footer area thinner, just want to show links and maybe change the background for that area without it affecting th header.

The black area around the content and sidebar I’d like to use a background image and color, where do I add it? I have tried in several locations and it doesn’t show up or only shows up in specific areas not around the content and sidebars.

Sorry it’s gotten a little long, I hope it’s not too much trouble.