Gridmarket Not Displaying Global Products


for some reason gridmarket is not displaying global products on the front page. also the recent global products widget is only showing one product from one of the 4 test shops which all have at least one product listed. none of the global features are displaying items: global tags, global categories.. nothing.

i have it selected on theme options to show global products.
i have tried deactivating all plugins only leaving marketpress active to see if a plugin was causing it.. nope.
i reuploaded the latest versions of framemarket and gridmarket.

also on the shop named "demo" the product it is displaying is the first product i added weeks ago.. i added a new product to "demo" shop and it is still showing the old product.. i thought it is supposed to display most recent product added from each shop on the home page grid?

any idea on what the issue could be? URL:


WP Version 3.2.1
Framemarket 1.3.5
Marketpress 2.1.3

no cache plugins installed.

thank in advance,
gina :slight_smile: