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As a new person I’ll be asking a lot of questions (so please bare with me). I’m trying to create a website with a common look for all of the shops that I will feature. I want them to be consistent and to show a similiar view/image and or navigation.

So, I guess all the shops will be copies of blogs… so to do this I will need to use the same theme for each new registrant or do I have this wrong?

Does the wordpress ecommerce plugin get automatiaclly activiatrednewtwork wide? So it will show on the mainpage of gridmarket and on each of the other shops (regardles of the theme I choose to activate network wide)?

What if I use gridmarket as the network wide theme, how can I can make it so that registrants all have a similiar look or similiar items to fill in order to create their shops, such as photos, their own polices, about themselves or a description of their shop (just a few basic items) etc…

I guess this also means that however I customize gridmarket, will also show network wide and if I activate Gridmarket wide could other users then change my modifications?

Understanding the picture as a whole will help me better organie my actions.

  • Eric G.
    • The Crimson Coder

    You can make it so the Gridmarket theme is their only choice and all of the shop can look the same. Depending on how much you want to limit them, you may have to remove some of their options. For example, they can pick different colors with the grid market theme. It does take a little cusomizing but looks great when finished.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi RippleEfecto11,

    Eric’s explained that all very nicely and I just figured another good point to add would be that you might want to take a look at New Blog Templates.

    With that you can setup a template for new sites on your network, giving them all a consistent and easy to use starting point.

    Also, in a Multisite setting, you’ll have your choice of whether to network activate MarketPress or let users activate it on a per site basis.



  • RippleEfecto11
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    When you say customization, you mean on my part correct? So do I customize gridmarket the way I want it to be and then there’s a way I limit what people can do when they register?

    So is the customization extensive or is realistic for someone who doesn’t really know much about css? Or how do you create fields that people should only fill in?

    I definitely want all of the shops to be an extension of the main website, where people can just add content, and maybe be able to add their own small banner. But I want people to recognize the main website and just look up different profiles (shops) that all have a similar look kind of like what does…

    If I use the new blog template wouldn’t it look different from the gridmarket, so I would have a main page (gridmarket) but all the other sites would be from the this blog template I would use to duplicate settings including content but these new blogs would still look different from the grid market right?

    Could I active Marketpress on a membership basis?

    Again thank you I just want to make sure I understand my options upfront.


  • Eric G.
    • The Crimson Coder

    So do I customize gridmarket the way I want it to be and then there’s a way I limit what people can do when they register? So is the customization extensive or is realistic for someone who doesn’t really know much about css?

    Yes. It depends on what you want. But it can be time consuming and much more time consuming if you are not a developer. I have been working on a site for about 3 months to get it just where I want it. It is possible though.

    Could I active Marketpress on a membership basis?

    Using the supporter plugin you could!

    I’m not familiar with how New Blog Templates works so I will let someone else answer those.

  • RippleEfecto11
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    So just so that I understand if I start accepting people to register at this point in time using gridmarket network wide they would have access to all the gridmarket theme’s features and although they would be an extension of the url they can do whatever they want with it giving a whole new look or in some cases some people may leave their site blank.

    How much wold setting each shop to look the same from a developer point cost? Something like your 3 month customization project?

    I want every shop to be able to have their own logo/brand listed, a blogging section, images, and maybe just a profile page (home page where they list their own terms of conditions) and of course access to marketpress if they’re selling products.

    Having more features would be cool but I could just start with the items above and later invest in a developer for better enhancements.

    Or I feel like i may just have to control every membership just so that I can control consistency appearance…

    I really appreciate you “talking” this out with me.


  • Eric G.
    • The Crimson Coder


    That is an excellent question. I haven’t had much time to hash mine out but I do not expect it to be done in the next few months still. So I can not give you an answer. I am not too serious about my shop, mostly just a learning curve for me to learn how to best manage my site.

    The best thing to do would be to lay out exactly what you want each user to be able to do and ask a developer from the CUSTOM section here to customize the theme to do exactly that. Then you can get some quotes.

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