GridMarket single-post pages are broken

Running WPMU/BP.

MarketPress Network Activated.

Installed FrameMarket theme, and enable GridMarket on a subblog. Everything is stock so far, Gridmarket is activated on the blog.

<strike>Main Page is identical to mydomain/store, and the store page does not display any of the content input into the textbox when editing it.Still have the default text present for the Store page content.</strike> I was doing something wrong.

Also, when visiting an existing blog post I get an error (see screenshot) and it kill the buddybar at the top of the screen (note in the screenshot that the bar is not present).

Also, blogs and stores can exist on the same website using gridmarket/framemarket, correct?

  • jcnjr
    • HummingBird

    store page does not display any of the content input into the textbox when editing it

    Just marked this as unresolved…

    I’m setting up Framemarket/Gridmarket 1.3.5 child theme and it does not allow me to make any edits to the store page. Only the default “Our Products” text appears on the store page.

    FYI: Upon activating MarketPress, the Store page was not automatically generated. Only after I manually created the page, did the main Store page and all it’s sub-pages (Products, Cart & Status) appear. Any edits to the Store page, however, do not show on the published/updated page. Any suggestions?

    On a side note, there seems to be no style for bulleted lists in this theme. When I create a list (ul) in the post editor, no bullets appear on the published post. What file do I need to edit to correct this? child/style.css or child/styles/stylename.css or … ???


  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    Really we’d need a link to see and confirmation you are using no other plugins @jcnjr as thats a number of issues unreported. Ideally also we like to have new posts for issues that have been fixed, whilst you may think it’s an issue it’s probably something different as that was fixed in an update.

    This also sounds like in part probably a MarketPress issue not theme. But until we get a link we can’t confirm. I’d suggest you open a new thread to be honest that seems to make more sense with the list of issues.

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