Gridmarket - site title, tagline, header image not updating

Hello there,

I am a newbie at WPMUdev and I am pretty excited about this new adventure... :slight_smile:

I am working on a multisite project and I am building the default ecommerce sub-site using Marketplace. As recommended, I am working on the child theme gridmarket.... :wink:

I am trying to customize it and most options work well but some very important ones don't: the title, the tagline, the header image and the background image... none of those show up/get updated... I tried a couple different images, same thing... It still says "gridmarket" in the site title...

yesterday, I moved my multisite from one folder to the web root directory... It required me to change quite a few values in the DB so I first thought that might still messing me up... but I can't find why/what... I only installed marketplace this morning, after "the move" I searched for the name of one of my image in the DB, copied and pasted the url to the browser and I could find the image... (and it is at the "right new location")

I also played with changing the site name and searching it back in the DB and I do find it in the wp_2_options table under blogname...

I also searched for gridmarket since this is what it is still displaying and there are quite a few hits.. in wp_2_options (stylesheet attribute) , wp_2_postmeta (might be of interest: _wp_attachment_is_custom_header, _wp_attachment_is_custom_background) and wp_sitemap (referring to theme)

But now I am not sure where else to check... I tried to look into functions.php but couldn't find where it was setting it up...

I probably have messed up something but could one of you please maybe clarify what the gridmarket theme is "reading in" to display the title, tagline, background and header images... or anything else that might help.. :wink:

Thanks a lot,

NB: I can't select an "installed theme" in this form, my installed themes don't show up for my website... ?? so I put "others" to be able to send the question...