gridmarket, tell certain category pages to display in blocks, or "grid" like the store

on our current site,

the posts being displayed in the category there are being displayed just like the store display of frame market.

id like to do just this, not necessarily 2 blocks side by side, but the same concept, im thinking id like to make this display in 3 columns across.


  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    To do this you'd either use the GridMarket theme and add a custom edit or you'd be looking to do a custom development of another theme. A good starting point would be the functions used in GridMarket but beyond that it really is a case of you custom coding or getting someone to do this for you.

    The function that creates the grid is in framemarket/library/functions/marketpress.php: framemarket_grid_mp_list_products. From there you can see how the grid is done and hopefully take either into your theme or use.

    As far as changing number of rows that's a little bit of customisation you'd have to do on that function. Adjusting code around here would help:

    if ($last = count($custom_query->posts)) {
        $count = 1;
    	$counter = 0;
        foreach ($custom_query->posts as $post) {
    			//add last css class for styling grids
    			if (($count%4 == 0))

    There is a limit as to how much we can help with something this custom though, hopefully this has given you some starting points.

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