gridmarket - where is the location of the "store forums register" menu in the css or php

I just want to add some more options to this menu. I couldnt find the code for it (actually I am not sure where the code would be located anyway, javascript php or css?)
I dont need the drop down menu here so If I know where its located I can disable it as well.

Also where is the code to add or delete menu items from the top amin menu (circled) I assume its in the marketpress files?

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    Hi cstevenson,

    The top-most menu you're referring to is the WordPress admin bar, which is a core element of WordPress, not something we can provide support for changing (where code is required). Though we do provide a plugin that lets you add a menu item onto that admin bar!

    As for the menu within the theme, it actually uses WordPress custom menus so you can easily customize the elements in that menu at Appearance > Menus, or as illustrated in the following:

    Also, you'll find the wp_nav_menu() function mentioned on line 170 of header.php in framemarket/themes/gridmarket/. You can potentially remove the menu there.

    Hope that helps!


  • cstevenson
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    ok thanks

    If I customise that menu within a theme, as far as I know, it doesnt work over the other sites in my network. Or when a new user opens a store.

    Thats ok though, I will add specific links to the pages as simple buttons, or text links, which is what I was originally planning. I was just curious about the menu incase I need to use them over all the sites.

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