Group "Action Buttons" not showing properly

Hi guys! The Multisite/BuddyPress site I’m building has 51 groups (one for each state in the U.S., plus District of Columbia). In the Groups tab, it shows 20 groups per page, so there are 3 pages’ worth of groups.

When I am logged in as a test user (but not as admin), the first of the three Groups pages shows action buttons to the right of the group name: “Leave Group” and “Request Membership.” This is fine. However, if I move to page 2 or 3, or if I sort the groups in any way, those buttons disappear. I wish I could attach a screen shot here.

I need to either ensure that these Action Buttons appear always (preferred) or that they never show at all. How can I do this?

(By the way, this also happens in the Site Directory. It starts out with a button that says “Visit Site” but if I sort the sites, that button disappears. Odd.)

My BuddyPress theme is BP Social v by WPMU; I’m using WP v 3.4.2 and BP v 1.6.1.