Group-Blogs vs BuddyPress Forums??

Hi there I’m in the process of revamping the online community I run and I’m looking for some feedback.

It’s a small niche topic and demographic.
The main goals are to

Help people within our target group connect for the purposes of support and friendship.

Allow members to share relevant info and resources.
I don’t really want to see lots of personal blogs happening because I think that can be done better elsewhere. More importantly it may be counterproductive with regard to small community building.
I think groups are going to be natural outgrowth of this project but I am not sure how to best proceed.

Should I be encouraging group discussion via Forums or Small group blogs using something along the lines of the BB-groupblogs plugin and let’s say the P2 theme?

What are others doing and what (IYO) might be the pros and cons of each method? Oh! Or is there another option I have missed?


PS: I hope the is a relevent question to post.