Group Calendar Widget Display on Group Pages or for Group Members Only?

The plugin is fantastic and mostly meets my client's needs. However we'd like to have the widget only display either on the group pages of the group it references or show anywhere but only for group members. That would be very useful as some of our groups are either private or hidden.

Secondarily, if there could be a way to choose what kind of display the widget shows that would also be useful. For example a mini calendar instead of a list; a scrolling list; mini-pins; are just some ideas.


  • Patrick
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    Hi @BionicSquid

    Welcome to the forums!

    There are actually 2 widgets that come with this plugin.

    The User’s Group Events widget enables you to display events only for groups the logged-in user is already a member of.

    To limit the display of that widget only to group pages, any of these plugins will enable you to do that:

    A search of the WordPress plugin repository will likely turn up many more similar plugins... they're very popular items :slight_smile:

    As for the different types of displays/layouts you have suggested, I'll flag the developer with your feature suggestion.

  • BionicSquid
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    Well, that is a little embarrassing. I didn't even see the User's Group Events widget and it does exactly what I need. Actually even the Single Group Events widget does what I need, as it does have some logic to it, which I thought was coming from Widget Logic and Dynamic Widgets, both of which I tried prior to creating this thread but which didn't really work well in this case. Disabling those widgets allowed Group Calendar's logic to work where it hadn't before. The issue with Widget Logic was that, while I use it a lot, there doesn't seem to be much BuddyPress-specific conditional logic out there re groups. And Dynamic Widgets wasn't working as it should in terms of allowing me to choose where to display the widget - I had to allow on all group pages by default and turn off selected, rather than hide on group pages and turn on for selected.

    Anyway, problem solved. Thanks!

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