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I want to have a widget that shows all calendar events, no matter if you are in the group or not, if the group is hidden or not.

Currently, what I have is red arrow: upcoming events that you are a group member of
blue arrow: upcoming events (no matter if you are in the group or not, hidden or not) but via widget setup you can only select one group
orange: upcoming group events, but I think only if the group is public

I'd like to change blue or orange to show all events, hidden or not. Much like blue but for all groups. Any direction would be great.

  • DavidM
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    Hi rtysmith,

    I believe the widgets will simply display events from groups that are public, not private. The Group Events Widget does display all events regardless of the user or groups the user belongs to as far as I've seen.

    If you wish any of those to work differently, such as listing private group events as well, you could take a look at lines 1348 to 1422 of bp-group-calendar.php contains the code used for the single group events widget.

    You could potentially copy and paste that into a new plugin, changing the 'BP_Group_Calendar_Widget_Single' class name and then making any changes to that to display all group events.

    There's quite a bit to it though, it's a bit extensive. However, I would the the Group Events Widget would work for what you've mentioned. Is that not the case?


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