Group Calendars? Good! A Single Site-wide calendar of events? Yes please!

Hi there!

I’ve been using a plugin called Event Manager, which is 97% awesome (Found a bug that makes me want something else). Plus it’s a little more complicated than what I need, so I came over to WPMUDEV to see what my event plugin options are.

The BuddyPress Group Calendar looks like it could work….but, what I’m really looking for is more like an Everybody Calendar. I want certain types of registered users to be able to add an event from their BP front-end page.

And I want the basic details of each to show up when you click on an Events tab in the nav menu. Click on the Event Name and go to that event’s page, complete with full description and an integrated google map.

Yes! An integrated google map right there without the user having to leave my site to see a map.

This part is really really REALLY important to me.

I’d love it if you could add a map simply by typing in the address all in a single field, just like on That’s one of the problems with Event Manager: It wants each segment of the address separately, which can make for some awkward formatting on the front end.

And what about an “I’m attending” button, like on facebook?

What do you think? Is it time to break the Calendar out of the group box?