Group Directory - display versus access - control via Membership Plugin

I'm using WPMU with WP v3.1 (holding off upgrading for a bit), BP 1.2.8, Membership Premium Version 1.1 beta, with bp-social-child theme.

I set my Free User Level -- I call it the Strangers Level, and it is selected in the Membership > Edit Options > Stranger settings > Use membership level.

In Levels, I set the Stranger Level to NOT allow access to any of the Groups -- that is, I put the Groups box in the Negative rules area, and checked ALL the groups.

Now... when I am NOT logged in, I am now only at Stranger Level. Seems to work fine, except...

bp-social uses a single menu for Main Navigation. For debugging, I've disabled my own version of that and am using the default, and even disabled all of my own pages, except the ones absolutely necessary. Anyway, I get only the default buddypress pages and my about page, plus the register now page.

Ok, so here's the RUB:

When I click on Community > Groups, it goes to "" and shows Group Directory (headline) - no Create Group button (which is correct for the level) - and then the message box, with "There were no groups found." Not really what I wanted -- I'd like them to see the directory, but I just don't want them to be able to go into the groups and read their posts, without being registered & logged in.

I noticed, however, that if I click on item lists tab, which is "All Groups (6)" the result is a complete listing of the Group Directory, with all the groups shown - which is what I really wanted, but without that extra click.

The link for that is slightly different, "" -- notice the end slash is missing. However, if I just enter that in a new browser window, I am back to "no groups found"...

Once I get the Groups listed, I can click on a group, and I get no access, although all I see is a blank area with no message from the template or buddypress -- which I expected, since I did enter a message in the Membership > Edit Options area...

Firebug shows me that I am only getting '<div class="padder"> </div>' in the content div. Also, I have no widgets loaded into the left group widget area, so it is empty, but for some reason does NOT show the text "Please log in and add widgets to this column" which I (maybe?) expected to show up?

So. Please help!

  • DavidM

    Hello Ernie, this could be a bit tricky. If you wouldn't mind emailing us a user account to check this all out, I'd love to see how we can get this one sorted for you. If so, you could send us the account details via our contact form marked attention to David, preferably with a link to this thread for reference.

    If you'd rather work through it here, you could try switching some rules from the positive to negative area or vice versa to see if that makes a difference. Have you tried that?


  • Ernie

    Hi David,

    Thx for the suggestions, and I did some testing myself and figured out some stuff (now my old days as an SDET are coming back):

    I cleared out the Free Users Level and set that to be the "Free" level in Membership Options. I also do have a No Access page created and selected here.

    On the home page, since nothing really is restricted then, a Stranger has access to Groups and they list in Group Directory, and in the Groups Widget that I put on the home page.

    Then I added Groups to Negative Items in Free Users Level, and checked all Groups.

    On the Home page now, no groups are listed in the Widget, and if I go to Community > Groups, the list is empty. Nevertheless, the All Groups link in the Groups Directory will then list all the groups. Clicking on a Group, however, will only display a BLANK page.

    Next I removed the Groups box from Free Users Level. Now, I put the BuddyPress Pages in Negative Items in Free Users Level, and checked all pages.

    Now, on the home page, the Widget DOES list the Groups, but clicking on a group there sends the user to the Login page, NOT to the No Access page. If I click on a blog post in the gallery, it DOES send the user to the No Access page (but that might be because I have restricted the ReadMore -- need to test it without a readmore).

    If I click on any BuddyPress page, I get sent to Login, not No Access.

    I did find some posts in the forum about the BuddyPress pages in Membership, but haven't had a chance to read them yet, but will do so.

    What I have settled on, for the moment, is to keep the setup above, and just uncheck the Blogs page in the BuddyPress Pages box, in Negative Items, in Option Page.

    It's pretty close to what I wanted -- groups can be seen in the Groups Widget, but there is no access for Strangers.

    I'll be watching for more updates to Membership!

  • DavidM

    Hi Ernie,

    Just to let you know, Membership 2.0 has just been dropped and you can see a breakdown of the details along with the download at the following:

    And just to add, the URL Groups feature as absolutely incredible. With it, you can restrict any WordPress or even BuddyPress url, even using regular expressions. So you could, for instance, restrict access to any url containing the term 'member'. Perhaps that might help in your BuddyPress setup here. :slight_smile:


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