group finance new plugins on WPMUDEV

seeing that your new plugin Donations allows such a thing, how about offering and using the plugin live here.

i.e. pick a random plugin every month from user's wish list, estimate the costs involved to get it done, then set it up with your donations plugin. lets say you estimate the costs for a small plugin at 200$ if 20 people all pledge 10$ we could get a lot more plugins done :slight_smile:

I know this is not really the way a membership site works, and you do offer a lot of updates and new features in the past few months but sometimes we need extra plugins or features that you will simply not provide on your own without a proper incentive.

Not really sure how this could work, maybe integrate it into your find a project/ find a coder part of your site? I am having trouble finding available programmers for some really easy features I need. The type of job that takes a good php coder a few hours to do....

Anyway, lets hear what you think about this idea....
Maybe even without involving WPMUDEV itself, maybe you could pull up a small addition to your site, a little marketplace where clients and coders could meet...

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hello Ovidiu,

    Here are some of my thoughts on this.

    1. If we decide to pick one plugin from a users wish-list, which one would be pick? We have thousands of users, each user with their own custom requirements. This is more or less what we do with uservoice. The most voted plugin undergoes development.

    2. 200$ is a very small budget for a plugin in terms of WPMU Dev. Our developers are paid way more than that even for the silliest of the plugins. Like you said, this is not what most users would have signed up for. Having to pay even more is not likely.

    We already have a marketplace where you could post such jobs here:

    You might get picked up by a developer and this could work for you.


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