Groups in wordpress MU network site


I am wondering if anyone has been able to create a wordpress MU site that allows an individual network site to have it's own groups.

At the moment it appears that I can only have groups on my primary domain.
I am using wordpress MU 3.3 and buddypress 1.5.2.

I thought perhaps I could allow for buddypress to be activated individually on each network site, however i can only find a way to network activate buddypress.

Any ideas?

  • kimedia

    Thanks Phil,
    I tried a few things over the past few weeks and everything was clunky and unscalable, so not really suited to an MU site.

    I ended up removing buddypress from the installation and installing bbpress as a plugin. Then hacking the WP Sentry plugin to give group creation and group / user forum access.

    It's not something I can easily share here as if I remember correctly I might have had to comment out a line of code within the core files, which I try not to do. Main issue was around privacy settings in BBpress and it returning 404s for anything that was set to private for non admin users.

    However if anyone is going through similar issues I'm happy to chat through it and share code samples.

    Finally have a working system though.
    Cheers for the feedback

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