groups sending to first contact only

Clients waiting STILL cannot send newsletters..
TIME sensitive should have gone yesterday..

Clearly we are back to very poor support and endless irrelevant answers to stall for time..

Newsletters should have GONE 24 hours ago..

Yet more DISSAPPOINTED clients BECAUSE i have chosen to use WPMU dev plugins..

FIX is required now..
If it relates to some non specific setting or mind reading ability to get the setup correct kindly advise.
as a matter of URGENCY

  • aristath

    Hello again @be, I hope you're well today!

    I'm sorry you feel that way, but debugging issues is not as easy as most people think.
    Most times clients just give us a symptom and no additional info. We can't find the illness with just that... We need more info! That's why we always ask for more questions. It's not "stalling". If you require a solution to your issue, then we need to know all there is to know about your installation and what you've already tried.

    Have you tried switching your theme to another one to test if this is a conflict?
    Have you tried disabling all other plugins to test if this is a plugin conflict?
    Have you by any chance disabled cron on your site?
    If you have disabled cron, what is your exact current implementation?
    Do you use any caching plugins?
    Do you use any security plugins?
    Is your site using a reverse proxy such as Varnish, Squid, or even CloudFlare?
    Is this a shared host or a VPS?
    Are you using phpmail, or SMTP?
    Have you checked that your mail credentials are correct?
    Is your SMTP server properly configured?
    Are you using a mailserver that limits the amount of emails you can send? If yes, have you checked if you've simply reached your limit and need to do something else to get your emails out there?

    Please advise,

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