groups vs forums

Being new to BP I am slightly confused by groups and forums and being able to add forums to groups.
I googled this already but found not enough info.
What is the point of having both, forums and groups present on a site?
What can one do that the other can't?

And what is the story with a group-blog?

Believe me I tried to figure it out on my own but this is so confusing :slight_frown:
I'd appreciate some pointers even if its just links.

  • Mason

    You know Ovidiu,

    I'm actually in agreement with you here. The two are pretty similar - definitely some overlap in the way they function.

    Groups have the ability to be a bit "exclusive" if you will. They can be set to "private" for example and allow for extra features like event calendars and group emails. Forums are more about specific topics.

    While you can limit them to a specific group - I'd say they're more for posting specific information whereas groups are more for "coordinating" together. Eh... even that explanation falls flat.

    Anyone else care to comment on some of the (possibly subtle) differences here?


  • AltisonaMedia

    on a broader level groups are ways for members to cluster, group forums are a tool for the groups to use as a message/discussion board based around specific topics. This means you have something much more structured for communicating within a group than just a date based list of activity (or notices) within the group stream.

    It's a very sensible way of breaking down social communication.

    Equally, if as a group, you wanted a blog (as opposed to a blog associated with a single member) you can have a group blog associated with that group (not an individual member). Obviously there has to be some control over these aspects and therefore group admins tend to have certain permissions that others don't.

    There is always going to be overlap between any methods of communication. What this setup allows is a granularity and focus that you might not get with a single open stream. Anyone with quite a few friends on Facebook will testify to the haphazard way you glean relevant information from your own news feed.

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