Guest level can view protected content


Hope someone can help me. I am having mixed success with the membership premium plugin (v2.0.7) with wp 3.2. I used the quick start list from the plugin to as the method for the settings. At the moment I am having problems with restricting access to several pages for my guest user (I used negative rules for the the guest level ). I currently have 5 active levels: guest, member, professional, fellow and affiliate. I have 2 subscriptions set up as public; member and affiliate(my client wants to assign higher subscription levels themselves). My client has added member level to all download material but guest users appear to be able to view it. Also I have tried adding the download pages to the negative rules for the guest level but they can still view them. The only aspect of the plugin I can get to work are the [guest], [member] shortcodes within the page content. I have also tried the following

• resaving download media with membership level set

• adding negative rules to downloads for the guest level

• disabling and enabling plugin

• amened all level names to lowercase and then resaved guest level in options

• activating twenty11 theme to see if there is a problem with the existing theme (

thanks again to anyone for any help