Guests rating listings and guests adding listings

Is it possible to allow guests to rate the listings (or do you have to be 'logged in')?
Indeed is it even possible for guests to add a listing? (ie you do not need to be logged in)

Also... is it possible to use a different URL link rather than 'listings'

so rather than /listings we could use /projects

Many thanks

  • Alexander
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    As for rating a listing, this isn't possible without an account as there would be no way to prevent users from rating multiple times.

    The plugin also doesn't allow for guests to create listings, however because there's a front-end editor, this may be possible. I'll look into this possible and get back with you.

    As for your URLs, yes this can easily be changing.

    1. Go to the post type settings (CustomPress -> Content Types -> "directory listing:slight_smile:

    2. Modify "has archive" to the plural form of what you would like the URL to be.

    3. Modify "rewrite" to the singular form of what you would like the URL to be.

    4. Change all of the labels to what you need them to be. This determines the text shown in the Wordpress dashboard.

    Let me know if you need any additional help with this!

    Best regards, Alexander Rohmann

  • mcolliver
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    Thanks for this quick reply.
    I did find the settings in custompress - was a bit hesitant to change (in case it affected the directory settings) but have modified now and all seems ok.

    I do still, however, have a 'listings' option in my main menu (can this be removed / renamed ). Probably I would like to remove this link and then add a different link underneath a top-level menu link.

    Thanks for looking into guests postings - just an idea (but we might go down the route of having them sign up first esp if this means they can then do ratings)


  • Alexander
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    Hi @mcolliver,

    So quest posts would be possible, but would require some custom development. You'd need to modify the plugin to assign a user ID of a dummy account to the post before it's created. If you're interested in pursuing this, I can recommend that you take a look at the code for our Q&A plugin as it has this feature already. You'd also probably want to implement some kind of flood control to cut down on duplicate posts and spam.

    As for your menu, You can just update this value from "Appearance -> Menus"

    Best regards, Alexander Rohmann

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