[Guide] Updated Ultimate Facebook Plugin For 2014

So I just installed the Ultimate Facebook Plugin and tried to follow both guides linked but FB has switched their layout again and it left me scratching my head. Fortunately I figured it out and wanted to help donate some screen shots to help anyone else new to all of this. If there is a better way or place to do this I apologize in advance :slight_smile:

1) https://developers.facebook.com/apps
Register & Choose To Create An App

2) Choose an app name (it can be anything) and a category
3) Copy your App ID & App Secret (hit show first) into your WP dashboard fields.
4) Choose "Settings" on the left hand side.
- Type your website address into "App Domains"
- Update your contact email from your fb login to your customer service email (if you have one)
5) Choose "+ Add Platform" then "Website"
- Site URL - this should be the same as "App Domains" ... the website this is for
- Mobile Site URL: unless you have a m.yourdomain.com leave this blank
- Hit Save Changes
6) App Details on the left hand sidebar
- All the top fileds are optional
- Choose "App Center Listed Platforms" in the center and turn website to "yes"
- I recommend uploading a logo and icon
- Scroll down and save changes
7) Status & Review in sidebar
- turn on "yes" in the top right hand corner, hit confirm
- go back to your WP page, make sure the App ID & Secret Key are filled in and hit save.