Gulp Uglify vs Plugin Minify

Hello People,

This is partly a support question and partly a members discussion.

Have any of you used GULP? Specifically Gulps Uglify and Concatenate features?

I want to know what the difference in Uglifying using a command line tool like gulp, and using a plugin like Hummingbird or WP Minify.

The reason i ask, when i use Hummingbird or WP Minify, i usually always get errors, but when i uglify using command line i never get errors.

This is no smack on minification plugins. So please dont get defensive and let your emotions provide an incorrect answer.

I read somewhere that when using a plugins minify, compression takes place by assigning a letter to blocks of code which can repeat along different blocks of code, causing conflicts in readability of this code, whereas with manual minify, this is not usually the case.

Your thoughts appreciated.