GZIP & Browser cache plugins not working

We are facing issues with enabling GZIP compression in the site mentioned above.
We get the following error:
gzip is not working properly: - Your server may not have the "deflate" module enabled (mod_deflate for Apache, ngx_http_gzip_module for NGINX)

We have already checked with our support & we do have mod_deflate & activated in our servers.
Though its a bit confusing coz according to site checkgzipcompression.com, we have it enabled, please view https://prnt.sc/fnq76l.

Something similar is happening with browser caching as wel.



  • Huberson

    Please add the following in your php.ini file if you have access to it.
    zlib.output_compression = On

    You can also add this snippet to your .htaccess file if the previous configuration doesn't fix the issue

    <ifModule mod_deflate.c>
    <FilesMatch "\.(css|js|x?html?|php)$">
    SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

    If that doesn't take care of the issue let us know and we'll take a deeper look.