Gzip Compression

I have gone through the troubleshoot flowchart before posting this and can confirm that my hosting server does have mod-deflate initiated etc.

I've replaced my usual caching plugin with Hummingbird in an attempt to get better page ranking and scores as we enter the busy autumn period for restaurant websites.

On both Whitefriargrill.ie and Bowlane.ie I get the "gzip is not working properly" warning:

Under this text/javascript and text/css are both enabled; but text/html is disabled.

I have tried manually adding the code to the .htaccess file, adding the code recommended by my hosing company, but nothing changes it.

Do you have any recommendations?



  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello David,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The Hummingbird's "Gzip compression" feature doesn't perform gzip caching but only enables it for website and the compression itself is performed by the server.

    Since Hummingbird reports that text/javascript and text/css MIME types are enabled for compression but not text/html it would mean that it's a server side issue and "mod_deflate" module is not configured to compress HTML resources. The fact that adding code recommended by hosting company to the .htaccess file doesn't help seems to confirm that.

    The ".htaccess" file is parsed by web server software (Apache) and not WordPress or even PHP. That's why I'm saying that this is still a server-side issue.

    Furthermore, even though Hummingbird reports that compression for "text/javascript" and "text/css" is enabled (which it can read from the server) it doesn't seem to be enabled in fact. The "checkgzipcompression.com" service reports for both sites that compression is not enabled and Pingdom tools doesn't return gzip encoding headers information as well.

    In my opinion it would be best to turn to the host again and make them check server settings again. It looks for me like a web server (or just web server's "mod_deflate") misconfiguration and this could be solve on a server level only.

    Please get in touch with them again and ask them to double-check this. Let me know please about their answer.

    Best regards,

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