Gzip compression not working

I am getting the compression warning saying gzip is not working. I have checked with the hosting provider and gzip is active. I did a test report on gzipwtf.com and apart from a few files, all files are compressed or appear to be :slight_smile:. The site wont let me download the report but if you check for https://www.bargaintraders.com.au/ the results show the compression. Can you let me know what to do to fix this issue as my site is struggling in terms of speed. my score and yscore is pretty bad as well and I am hoping that the WPMU plugins would do the magic for me.
FYI: not sure if this helps but before hummingbird, I was using WP fastest cache which I removed and then installed hummingbird. thought I mention this just in case it did create any conflicts.
your urgent attention would be appreciated.
Ali R-