Gzip is not working

Gzip is not working properly:

- Your server may not have the "deflate" module enabled (mod_deflate for Apache, ngx_http_gzip_module for NGINX).
- Contact your host. If deflate is enabled, ask why all .htaccess or nginx.conf compression rules are not being applied.
If re-checking and restarting does not resolve, please check with your host or open a support ticket with us.


  • Ash

    Hello jaminrak

    It seems your server doesn't have deflate modules enabled. What you are using on your server? Is it apache or nginx?

    So, you need to ask your host two questions:
    1. Ask them if you have deflate module enabled? The deflate module for extension for apache is called mod_deflate and for NGINX called ngx_http_gzip_module
    2. And if they say the module is enabled, then ask them why htaccress rule (for apache) or nginx rule (for nginx) for deflate module is not working on your server?

    Your host should be able to suggest on the above. Please let us know what you hear back from them. Have a nice day!


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