Hacked – I guess…

Not sure if there is any use posting this but any comfort helps in this dark hour LOL

Woke up at 5am feeling something is wrong with my site and sure enough it was when I checked…

I can’t log in into my WPMU/Buddypress site anymore because my pw is no longer valid and I can’t get my pw reset because my email is no longer valid. Also the default theme displays again – I was using Blogs.mu before.

It seems like someone has changed my admin details…

I have contacted my host already (just yesterday I upgraded from shared to VPS and was planning to move the site today – crappy timing!)

right now I am scanning my computer with ClamXAV (using a Mac for my FTP needs)

I am trying to stay calm as suggested here: http://codex.wordpress.org/FAQ_My_site_was_hacked but I am freaking out deep inside, I have launched this community a few weeks ago after building on it for 9 months and have started to receive a few members that now look at a broken site :slight_frown:

I have no real backup (wanted to change my sloppy backup habits after moving to the VPS – did I menting crappy timing?)

All I can do now is wait for my Host to respond to my ticket and check how bad the site is compromised or what else can I do now?