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Hi, Two of my websites have been hacked and stolen, in that I cannot log in to the wp-admin. Is there anyway that I can remotely disable the use of all WPMUDEV plugins & themes on these websites? The websites are:


I do not have FTP access either.

Thanks in advance.
Graham J OConnor

  • Milan
    • WordPress Wizard

    Hello Graham ,

    Sorry to hear that. !

    If you do not have ftp and wp admin access, there isn't any way we can disable plugins for your site. Now please contact your hosting provider as soon as possible for this. Only they can fix this up for you now.

    Hope you sort out this soon.
    Kind Regards,

  • Graham
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Milan, these sites are hosted on my EX-client's server! OK, I have another question regarding this, if they use say californiatowelsandscrubs.com and using backup software and recreate that website on say, newtowelsandscrubs.com will the wpmudev dashboard and plugins still work on that new URL?

    Thanks in advance
    Graham J OConnor

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Graham!

    Each new domain should be added to your account. This however happens when you're logged in into WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin. If they managed to backup/restore with a plugin logged in then yes, it will be added to your account (unless that new domain already exists in our database).

    However, there's something you can do. From what you say I assume they do not know your WPMU DEV login and password. Therefore you could go to this page (while being logged in into your WPMU DEV account):


    You should see both stolen domain there since they were registered with your account. You can then remove those domains/sites from your account by clicking on a "gear" icon next to website and then "Remove" option.

    This will logout WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin from your account. They'll still be able to use the plugins that are already installed there but they won't be able to:

    - install any new WPMU DEV plugins (unless they open up their own account)
    - they'll be not able to use support on your behalf
    - there's no access to plugin most of plugin updates

    - some plugins (if they are used there) will switch to the "Lite" (free) versions limited in features
    - and/or revert to lite versions upon first update

    Furthermore, anytime you take back control over those domains you will be able to add them back to your account (unless, of course, current admins created WPMU DEV accounts and added them).

    Best regards,

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