Hacking Marketpress to show product on same line with two alternate purchase buttons

Another try to get the same question answered: I need to offer people the option to purchase a downloadable MP3 or a hard copy CD version of an audio recording. I have 1700 recordings in the library. It is not considered an option to offer the same catalog in two categories (CD vs MP3), since we already have other categories we are using.

The title of the product is the same whether or not it is a MP3 or a CD.

I need help cracking the marketpress template_functions to display the products in a special way. Essentially offering two buttons (one for each purchase option) beside the combined name. Hard to write, but easy to visualize. Check out http://ck.cdagraphicdesign.com/sample/ to see what I mean. The section of code I’m looking at in the template file starts around line 2361 and outputs the content as a loop using a for each statement.

Can I get any help with re-writing the query to pull the data that I need?