Hangups when Ultimate Facebook is activated

I'm ready to bang my head against a wall, LOL.

I have recent versions of Wordpress and Buddypress installed.Ever since I upgraded to Buddypress V.1.20 Ultimate Facebook has been hanging up. I've done every thing but roll back to V1.2.9. Soon Buddypress V1.5 so this issue needs look into.

The same error comes up in Firebug for all pages just different lines.

"X'ed" out my app ID which I triple checked


FB is not defined

What location of error looks like

684 <div id='fb-root'></div><script>
685 FB.init({
687 status: true,
688 cookie: true,
689 xfbml: true
690 });
691 </script></div> <!-- end content -->
692 </div><!-- end container main -->
693 </div><!-- end container -->
694 </div><!-- end wrapper -->