Hard-code plugins into page template

I’m starting to build a template page for the site I am creating. This page will have the same plugins all the time for everyone who uses it. I need to build the template because I want to have it show up for the people when they add a new page and all they will have to do is add their comments and photos,etc to it. Since all the plugins are the same for everyone and I don’t want to try to let them add the plugins themselves (this site is going to be for not-very-tech-savvy people) I want to go ahead and just code the plugins into the template so they will always be there. I know I will have to keep an eye out for updates to make sure nothing breaks but I still feel this is my best option. I’m working on the page now and have a content area set up and a couple of sidebars but my question is how do I actually code the plugins into the template page? Is this done through the use of short codes? I’m hoping this won’t be too difficult. I have quite a bit of coding behind me but my expertise has always been .net framework so this is still a little new to me but I am having a blast working on this and figuring out a lot of this. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!