Has Anyone Had Success with the plugins from http://bp-dev.org

I'm a new subsciber to your service. I've installed BP/WPMU and it functions, the install was done correctly (I hope), and I've been getting friends and family to sign up. Here are my problems which maybe you all can point me in the right direction:

1. The site runs slow, really slow.
2. I'm trying to use some free plugins from http://bp-dev.org as I'm interested in their Auto-Suggest, YouTube, and Flickr features. I installed these plugins and they don't seem to work, I don't receive error messages or anything - just nothing seems to happen.
3. Recently, after the bp-dev.org plugins, I now have a white screen on every page. I've read on this site that it is referred to as the "white screen of death."

So any suggestions on how to speed up the site, success in using the bp-dev plugins, and the white screen.