Has there been any progress on how coupons are handled within MP when Integrated with A+

If researched how coupons are handled and have not found a suitable solution in the forums. Has there been any progress made on coupons?
What I need is a way to have a groupon (coupon) that would only be available when purchasing a groupon service. (since the groupon is prepaid the coupon would be a 100% discount)

Two things: One, it has to only be valid for a specific (groupon) service. Two, the HAVE COUPON field should NOT be a click here and have a choice field. You should not help to populate here...the user should have to ALWAYS key in a coupon code without help.

I know there are many of us asking for some very specific things out of this plug in combination, but when you run the website as an "appointment store" its going to have to be able to have these features eventually, right?

Anyone else using A+ with MP and needing something for Groupons (which are prepaid to groupon so they would need to be FREE here). If so how are you doing it??

Thanks for any and all replies.