Has this been fixed with recent updates with Cloner and what about deploying changes continually?

Hey folks,

For Cloner under Usage I noticed this:

Known Issues

Post IDs will change when cloning a site. This can be especially important if you are using shortcodes (or other code) in your posts or pages that reference post IDs. Such code will need to be updated manually on cloned sites.

Had this been fixed recently in recent updates etc (as I know sometimes documentation can lag updates not only with you but most companies)?

If not, well, what about when staging is needed and there is continually pushes from staging to live production? We can not possibly manually adjust all these IDs all the time each time we overwrite? How does this play into staging and pushing or pulling sites back and forth between staging and production?

See all your features in the bottom of the Cloner page here https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/cloner/ (scroll to the bottom in the blue highlighted area of features of Cloner) as it mentions this is possible but if there is this ID issue, I do not see how.

Please let me know.