Have 3 little problems I can not find a solution for.

I have 3 little problems that I need sorting out, then I am really happy.

1) When a question is quite long, instead of putting it the next line below, it breaks the format and goes under the "votes + answers" buttons. I have seen on https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/questions/ that this does not happen there. How can I correct his? Also, I wanted to attach screenshots for this, but there is nowhere to upload them.
But you can see what I mean by looking here: http://yoga-health-blog.com/questions/ and comparing it with the longer questions on https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/questions/.

2) When the "Answer Accepted" tick box is clicked it turns the actual "tick" into the word "Accepted" and this blocks all the text written in the box and makes it unreadable. Again, I had a screenshot for this, but there is nowhere to upload this to this form. But if you go to http://yoga-health-blog.com/questions/what-temperature-do-i-need-for-hot-yoga/ and look at the first answer you can see the problem. How can I solve this?

3) On your page https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/questions/ when I click on a username in the list it brings me to that users stats page, which is great. But when I click on any of my users in the questions list it brings me to my homepage instead. Why is that and how can I solve it?

I say thanks in advance for your help. Please do not forget that I am still a newbie at this, so if you can, please explain to me what I need to do as if you are talking to an idiot.

Kind regards, Michael

  • mic2well

    And have just come across 2 more question.

    4) How do I limit the amount of question shown to 10 per page? This is also something I have seen on your page https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/questions/

    5) Why is there no field for visitors to select which category of question they want to see? I have 4 categories, but there is no way for a visitor to decide if they want to see questions on fitness, yoga, health or weight loss. Is there a way to do this.

    Sorry about all those questions, but its just what I would like to see.

  • Kimberly


    First off, re:talking to an idiot- will do no such thing, you're learning and that makes you smarter than you give yourself credit for

    Second, and this is another biggie, the site here is based on bbpress. So anything that you see here will not necessarily be applicable to your Q&A site. The url slug /questions is about the only common thing between them :slight_smile:

    so lets tackle inline to see what we can do :slight_smile:

    1. I think this would be something you can fix via css. You can use a handy tool like Firebug to see which css file you are using for this and make some test edits before you change anything. It just needs some tweaking to fit in your theme I think :slight_smile:
    If you want to give a link I can help with this

    2. see answer #1, think we can fix this via css too

    3. Unless you are using Buddypress or some profile plugin you won't get a front end profile when you click on a username. Wordpress profiles are backend and only viewable by the actual user by default.

    4. Are you using the included page templates added to your theme? you can paginate this

    5. Again, this will depend on which page template you are using :slight_smile: You can try to add some custom code to the question that will show the categories below, or you can use a sidebar and one of the q&a widgets

    Hope this is helpful!

    Let me know what else we need to do!



  • mic2well

    Hi Kimberley,

    well, I have installed this Firebug add-on, but I would not have the first clue as to what to do with it, lol.

    So regards Q1) http://yoga-health-blog.com where you can see that all the questions over a certain length drop below the votes & answers box.

    Reg. Q2) http://yoga-health-blog.com/yoga-for-kids-helps-obesity-problems/ there you can see that the tick box turns into the word "Accepted" and one can no longer read the actual text from the answer.

    Reg. Q3) I understand that this is different as this is a WP blog, fair enough. Just one thing makes me wonder. When I hover over a user name I can see the path for the link appear in the bottom left of my screen as this: http://yoga-health-blog.com/questions/user/username, but when I click on the username it brings me to the homepage instead. Maybe, as there is a link to the username displaying and it already re-directing me to the homepage when I click on the username, there is perhaps a way to change that so that it would instead re-direct it to that persons user details on WP? Only a thought though...

    Reg. Q4) I don´t know what template this uses, lol. I simply installed Q&A as the plugin as it came. The only change made so far was when you updated the CSS file so that it would fit nicely. But I have now noticed that it automatically creates a second page after 20 questions. Maybe it would be quite easy to change this to 10?

    Reg Q5) Yes, I take your suggestion on board and will simply use the category widget in my sidebar for it.

    Hope I have explained this all in a fashion you can understand. Sorry I can not do this in technical terms, lol.

  • Emanaku

    Hi mic2well, I had a look at your site according to your Question 1.
    I am going to show you how (A) to diagnose the problem and (B) to correct it :wink:

    A. Diagnosis:
    With Firebug installed you navigate to your question page. Then you right-click (on Mac Ctrl-click) on one of the questions and choose "Inspect with Firebug".
    Your browser window gets divided in several parts (see attached graphic):
    a. The upper half of your window shows you page
    b. The lower half left shows the HTML code
    c. The lower half right shows the styling information (CSS) for the HTML elements

    A problem like "if text too long then it is on the wrong place" very often is caused by the "float" property - and right here you can see the class "question-summary" has originally the property float:left (box 3. in the graphics)

    To find out if some other setting would help here you can click the "delete" symbol (no 4. in the graphics) - that will remove the property float:left; from the question-summary (only temporarily in your browser - this has NO effect on your web server).

    Then the browser shows you how it would look like without this float property (see box 1. in the graphics): Looks perfect, doesn't it? :wink:

    Ok, now we now where the problem comes from.

    B. Solving Problem
    It would be the fastest now to identify the file where the float property for question-summary is set and just delete it there. BUT: If your theme gets updated later, then this change is gone - or you have to remember what you have changed and redo it in the case of a theme update.

    More safe is using a child theme. If you know what a child theme is, you can skip the next paragraph :wink: It looks like you are using the theme HeatMap (which I am not familiar with).

    You should find out if there is a special procedure to create a child theme for HeatMap. If not, you follow the instructions of http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes to create a child theme.
    When you have created it you have to activate it so your site is using it.
    Then you can make changes / add-ons in the child themes "style.css" (or in a css file the HeatMap authors have instructed you).

    The necessary change would be to add this css instruction:
    .question-summary { float:none !important;}

    That should solve your Question 1 :wink:

    If you feel overwhelmed by all of that: Either you spend some time to get more familiar with CSS ... or you have to hire somebody who will take care of this things - I promise you that the solutions to your other questions are of very similar complexity ... :wink:

    Have fun!!

  • mic2well

    Hi Emanaku,

    many thanks for the detailed help. I have now managed to take care of Q1), that seemed easy enough as it only dealt with the css. file that came with Q&A.
    So, many thanks for that.

    Q2) that is much tougher. I seem to be able to make the changes in Firebug, but the only way I could make the changes was in the html part and it also then made a change in something called "element.style {". Anyway, I have attached 2 screenshots. One where the problem still there and the second one where I made the change in Firebug. The problem I now have is that I do not know where I have to make the change for real? I can simply not find where that is?

  • mic2well

    Hi Kimberley,

    that is exactly my problem. I know what I need to change, but I do not know what file this is in. Where can I see the path to find this "element.style {" part? Where in Firebug does it tell me the name of that file so that I can locate it? I imagine it is one of the templates as this is not in the CSS file, but I can not see anywhere which one it is. Do you know?

    Regards, Michael

  • Emanaku

    Hi Michael, as you noticed this style which you want to change is "baked in HTML" and you surely do no want to change the HTML - and you should NOT change the css of the theme itself - use a child theme for that: Otherwise you will get in serious trouble when you have to update the theme.

    If you do not know how to create a child theme look at my previous post :wink:

    Unfortunately I do not understand your question Q2 - I cannot recreate the problem - even after I registered at your site :wink:. For me when I look at answers I never see the word "accepted.

    Do you want to remove the word "accepted" and replace it by the green hook?
    Or do you want to format the word accepted so it does not overlay the text?

  • mic2well

    Want I want is to replace the word "Accepted" with the green hook. Normally there is a hook there when a user posts a question. Then, when someone else has answered their question to their satisfaction they can click on that hook to accept the answer and the hook should then turn green and the person that had posted the question receives points for that. But for some unknown reason the word "Accepted" appears instead of the hook in green. I have seen with Firebug where to replace the word "Accepted" with a hook, as I have shown in those 2 screenshots, but I do not know where to find that particular file to make that change?

    Regards the child theme, I thought seeing as the only change I made so far was to the CSS file from Q&A, if I were to update the theme at any stage then all I would have to do would be to update the css file again.

  • Emanaku

    You will see, Michael, when you start to make changes ... there will be more changes ... :wink:

    Ok, the "accepted" - as far as I can see - can only be changed in the php file generating this output.

    This is in the file plugins/qa/core/template-tags.php - see picture. Around line 320 you can replace 'accepted' by any text you like. If you put a hook in there - like you showed before - it will not be green automatically.
    To get it green you have to add the linecolor:green; to the CSS class of vote-accepted-on - I assume in the file general.css where you made the change for Q1 earlier. There are several entries for vote-accepted-on - choose the one where it also says background-position 0 0 !important;

    Take notes what you are changing and where to be on the safe side in case there is a plugin or theme update!!!

  • Emanaku

    Hi Michael,
    thank you for the rep points! Is greatly appreciated!

    Here is "an" answer to your question Q4:

    The number of questions per page is by default the same number as "Blog pages show at most". You can change this number by going to Settings - Reading. Please, be aware that this number also applies to other pages of your website showing lists of posts (like http://yoga-health-blog.com/yoga-articles/ ) - but I personally would reduce the number of posts down to 10 generally ...

    Have fun!!

  • mic2well

    Oh Emanaku, you really got my brains burning out, lol. The number of questions per page was easy enough, but I have now been doctoring around for ages on how to make the 4 different question categories into sub-categories as a drop-down as I thought that would be perfect. I can not find an answer to this online as everything I can find online about how to make a drop-down menu on WP is about pages. But these questions categories are not simple straight forward pages, are they? I have attached a screenshot and hope that perhaps you can shed some light on this for me so that I can manage this?

    Many thanks in advance, Michael

  • Emanaku

    Hi Michael,

    looking at your screenshot it's easy to do it:
    1. In the box "Question Categories" click "Select All"
    2. then click "Add to Menu" - now four new menu items will show up at the right side
    3. With the mouse drag and drop each of them one by one below the entry "Yoga Instant Answers" and move them a little bit to the right so they are indented (compared to the entry "Yoga Instant Answers":wink:
    4. Click "Save Menu" - voilá: That should do it!

    The attached screenshot shows you as an example how a submenu looks like in the menu editor.

    Have fun!!

  • Emanaku

    Hi Michael - there are only very few people born with full wordpress abiities ... :wink: :slight_smile:

    Thanks again for the Rep Points!

    And here my last proposal - not connected to one of the Q's up there:

    When I look at your site - especially the page with the articlels - I would consider to show only excerpts of the articles. Because
    - for users the page is really long and crowded - packed with information (even if you decrease the number of posts down to 10).
    - for you / the site owner: You want to click the visitors every now and then on a link, so you can show more ads ... :wink:

    The easiest way to get the excerpts there is:
    a) use the "more" tag in the post (see the available buttons in the editor when editing a post). All above the more tag is shown as an excerpt.
    b) tell the system to show excerpts in post listings - you can try to use Settings - Reading and set "For each article in a feed, show:" to "Summary" (check your website then thouroughly: This can produce effects you might not want - depending on your theme).
    Or you have to edit the template file for the category page and replace "the_content()" bei "the_excerpt()" - here you also could show a featured image ...

    Have fun!!!

  • aecnu


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    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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