Have a product show up in multiple categories?

Hi, I am setting up my marketpress for items in catalog mode on a new wordpress installation. I have a complex set of inventory ,and realized that I want some group of (sub-category) items to show up under multiple categories for better cross listing of products.

I'm not sure how to go about this the right way?

Basically I have a parent category: Bars and another parent category Beverage service. However I would like the sub category items for "beverage servers" be available under both Bars and Beverage Service.

Is this possible?

As a heads up, I am aware that products themselves can be listed across multiple categories, but it would be helpful of a sub category could have two parents.

If this sounds ridiculous from a programming perspective, let me know as I am not a programmer, and if there any solutions that come close to what I am looking for, I would appreciate it. Thanks