Have a question about the e-newsletter plugin before I download it?

I currently use mailchimp for sending out weekly info/tips to 8 different groups of subscribers.

I don't want a newsletter subscription form on the site, as I want them to sign up for the free membership to gain access to the tips email.

Currently I use mailchimp and because I do not have a subscription form, I have to enter each new person in manually. This action then triggers the autoresponders.

Here is my question:

can I use this plugin in a similar fashion?

is there a way that I can eliminate the step of having to manually enter each new person?

does the scheduler have the ability to work like an autoresponder, or would that need to be manually done for each subscriber?

is there anyway I can hire a developer or someone familiar with this plugin to adapt it to fit?

Thanks in advance for your time on this! Linda

  • Alexander

    Hi Linda,

    With e-Newsletter, we don't have an auto opt-in for different mailing lists. However, we've actually discussed this recently, and it will hopefully be available soon. We're looking at integrating it with Membership, so users signing up for a different subscriptions will be placed in various email groups.

    I don't have an ETA on when this would be available though. It's more in the planning stages right now.

    If you're currently using MailChimp, with our MailChimp Integration plugin, we have auto opt-in. However it doesn't integrate with Membership, and will just put everyone in one list. One nice feature however is that it can run an import and get everyone in automatically, as well as adding them as new users register.

    If you'd like to hire a developer for anything, you can checkout our Job Boards.

    Best regards

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