have dynamic map be at 50% width

complex question: I have a site (lawtigers dot com) which has a dynamic map on the homepage so that each state points/links to a different page on the site. I am trying to redesign the page as you can see on lawtigers (dot) staging (dot) wpengine (dot) com so that the map is only half width and black background. The staging homepage page looks the way I want it to, but it's only a static image, not the dynamic map with the state links that I want. When I try to drag that html/js that makes up the map into a half width box in the visual composer builder, it just shows white space on the front end when I publish the page, which I made a demo for you and you can see at lawtigers (dot) staging (dot) wpengine(dot) com/map-testing/. I need the homepage that I'm building on the staging site to work like the dynamic map on the live site (the one without staging in the URL) but have the look like the home page of the staging site. Can you please set this up and explain why it's not working and just showing white on the published page? Thank so much!!!