Have I misunderstood this plugin?

When I read the description of this plugin I thought it was able to not only post a list of recent posts on my sidebar, but also post recent posts onto my 'homepage' too. Have I got this wrong?

So far I've got it to post onto my Network homepage sidebar, but not actually on the page.

If I have got it wrong then I apologise for my noobiness, it is just the description says 'homepage' which I take to be the actual page and not the widget bar.

  • DavidM
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    Hi wisewolf,

    That's an understandable read of it actually, but it is meant to convey the idea of displaying those posts on your homepage in the form of a widget instead.

    It is possible to create a widget area in your theme in order to get that displayed outside of the sidebar, perhaps right above or in place of the homepage content area. Here's a guide on doing just that.

    You could also take a look at Autoblog, which would let you re-post sub-site posts on the homepage.

    Would either of those work for you?


  • wisewolf
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    Thank you David

    yes, I had come to the conclusion that Autoblog may be a safe bet, I will however take a look at the other method you mentioned.

    Because I am still new to WPMUDev I am going through all your plugins and creating a top level site with lots of sites as subdirectories..the sub-sites cover many different subjects and are mainly populated using plugins like autoblog, WPRobot and Blogsense. The top level site homepage is going to be used simply as a 'wall' for all below sites - http://www.wisewolf.com

    The plugins you guys have created have opened up a lot of doors, but before I go rushing through I am making sure I have a good play, so I am sorry in advance for future questions lol

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