have you heard of this happening before?

I have a question about Hummingbird (great product, btw). We are having a frustrating time with our hosting solution over the MP3 file that's in /core/modules/dummy/dummy-media.mp3. We are installing the plugin via Composer, pulling the package from your site. That's flawless. But when we conduct the build on the host (Jenkins w/ hooks, initiates Composer, which then pulls installs Hummingbird et al), the copy-over of the sites is rejected BY THE HOST because of the presence of an MP3 file. They don't seem to get that it's part of a package we can't alter, and that it's 7kb in size.

My question is, have you heard of this happening before? They suggest altering the package (forget it), and suggest we structure Composer to exclude this one file (also, I assume, out of the question). FYI, I don't think they understand much as they keep suggesting we .gitignore it in our repo, missing the point that your plugin is NOT in our repo, it's a Composer package.

Anything you can state officially on the matter, including how wide-spread your plugin is, would be appreciated!