Having a performance problem with domain mapping

I have a multisite installed on http://liveo2.com using domain mapping, where the root server is http://whnlive.com

When I access any liveo2.com page, there is a very long delay that occurs during the dm redirect. The redirect. (suggested example: http://liveo2.com/protocols/quick-procedure/)

imposes a 3+ second delay on the load time via the link: http://whnlive.com/?dm=d1e162d48c02672ec2c1a0eba561eafc&action=load&blogid=5&siteid=1&t=940294429&back=http%3A%2F%2Fliveo2.com%2F

The timeline view of gtmetrix shows the server is using an invalid reference to a stale domain name: http://wp.me/3uuKP (which points to a stale backup server at http://whnlive.net)

I have searched the entire DB and the code base for the redirect string. http://wp.me/3uuKP does NOT occur in the DB - anywhere. Since it is not local - I cannot fix it.

Where in the heck is this string coming from?
Specifically - how can I correct it?

I can only assume that since wpmudev retains a reference to both sites, whnlive.com, and whnlive.net, it must be coming from your side...