Having an image to expand when hovered over.

Hi @Paul
To continue from our chat this morning i will first make know to anyone reading this thread how it all came about.

I want to be able to post images and have them expand when hovered over.
I received the following code snippet from the member @shawng "See Snip Shot @shawng" it is the css portion of what i am trying to do, but since it got started on a thread that was a different topic, i have moved it to here so other members can find it via search.

@Paul As you know i changed the css to .bizcardimg {max-width 50%;}
.bizcardimg:hover {max-width 100%;}

We ran out of time in live chat, and your last reply was "The hover is for the div container only. This will expand but the image you are using is only 300px wide."

If you recall i would like to have up to 150 images on a page that are 150 X 150 pixels at 50% and 300 X 300 at 100% When you get time if you could finish this up on the thread that would be great, if not i will stalk you in live chat next week! "which i will probably do anyway" :slight_smile: thanks P!