Having Different Home-Page Content for Logged-In Users

Hi there,

I have a question on homepage content for logged in vs. non logged-in users. I wrote some background on my project here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/troubles-with-membership-plugin-and-registration but starting a different thread for this separate issue.

Sorry for all the posts, I just want to document these issues separately while they are fresh in my mind.

Question: is it possible to have logged-in users see different homepage content than logged-out users (aside from the headline which can be tweaked in theme options)?

For example, on the public front-end users might see descriptions of our course offerings or specific techniques, while on the inside, we might want the homepage to display latest forum postings from their courses or other stuff like that.

I know I could re-direct them to a different page upon logged in (and probably will) but would like to be able to customize the homepage content depending on the user status, if at all possible.