Having difficulty creating a custom template for Events+

I need to create a custom list template and single template for the Events+ plugin. The problem I’m running into is finding any documentation on the php codes and elements to insert different pieces of the event data. Pieces like: Eab_Template::get_rsvp_form($post);

Is there somewhere I can see the available template pieces? Also, right now my single event template is displaying several pieces of duplicate content. I see this line of code:


add_filter(‘agm_google_maps-options’, ‘eab_autoshow_map_off’, 99);


remove_filter(‘agm_google_maps-options’, ‘eab_autoshow_map_off’:wink:;


Is this inserting a loop of event content? If so, where can I edit that loop?

Thanks for the help. This seems like a great plugin, but there isn’t much I can find to help with adding it to a custom wordpress template.