Having issues installing plugins

Hi there,

My set up Buddypress MU with social theme activated now.

I am having a little trouble installing plugins. I started this post because it was different from my other. I will get back on the other one Mason.

Example of two plugins that I installed

Wpmu chat plugin
- I unziped the original zip with the numbers, then I unziped the wordpres-chat Plugins 1.0. I then extracted all the contents using winzip to my HD. I then saw a file folder chat-1.0.0 (Now there is another file folder under it saying "chat".

I created my own folder "mu-plugins" under wp-conten (following the directions with 755)t. I then used filezilla to transfer the folder chat-1.0.0 and saw wpmu show up in super admin. I didnt see it (it needed to update) so I updated it and it sent me to my site saying

"Permission Denied
Not Found / No Access
The page you are looking for either does not exist, or you do not have the permissions to access it."

The same process happend with the Classified plugin, although when I unziped the classified plugin zip, I saw a new folder called classifieds (after extracting it from winzip). Now when I click on that folder I see another folder called classifieds and a classfieds.php. I tried both and no luck, and got that error in super admin from above.

One thing how ever is that I tried to install "chat" in plugins under wp-content (I know it was wrong) but it worked site wide, but only in the right hand corner. I could not see the icon in Post or Page. But plugin was activated but not in MU.

I made a post about this before, But I couldnt find it and I left out some steps sorry if this is similar.
I read the turtorials too and still having a rough time.

I am now using the "social theme" I still got to work out some issue with MU Blog but that is a different post I will get to later.

Thanks again for your help.


  • mitra
    • New Recruit

    i too am having the same problem installing every single plugin (so far i have tried 5) and i get a different fatal error every time :slight_frown: i have followed the instructions and read thru all the manuals too.
    i am not at all a tech person and, after having read thru some of the forum post i'm exasperated just trying to even read the code and understand what the developers are talking about who answer the questions! everyone else seems to get it tho! maybe i'm just slow?
    is there an installer script or something to download to make it easy on us non-technical people?
    i'd like to click a button, install the plugin and then go build my site!! especially for paying this much money! :slight_smile:

  • Sue
    • Recruit

    @Brian Sorry you are having a bit of trouble installing the plugins but once you get use to the process it does become easier.

    Edit: With WordPress Chat plugin the folder you need to upload to your plugins folder ( wp-content/plugins/ ) is the chat folder inside chat-1.0.0 folder.

    Can I get you to try again with the Classified plugin? When you unzip the Classified plugin you will see a folder called Classifieds once you unzip classified-1.1.1.zip. If you open up this Classified folder you will see another folder called classifieds and classifieds.php Can you try uploading this classifieds folder and classifieds.php to your mu-plugins folder?

    You will also need to create classifieds-images directory inside "wp-content" folder and set classifieds-images directory permissions to 777 as per the installation instructions here - https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/classifieds/installation/

    @mitra Welcome to WPMU DEV first off! Sorry you are also having trouble installing plugins. The good news is that with our themes and plugins you don't need to touch the code if you don't want to. We just supply the additional support with the code (where we can) for those that do want to make the changes.

    Once you are used to the process involved in installing plugins it is easy.

    Can we get you to start your own forum thread and list the plugins you are having trouble with (and any extra information you can provide)? This will allow us to go through and explain the process with each plugin. Thanks!

  • thebutcher
    • Flash Drive

    I tried again and after I installed the classifieds it did work, howeverwhen I created a demo classified ad, everything seems to work and it places it but does not show up when I try to view the classifieds. I created 3 I think. The site is "HealthyGroups" (d0t) com.

    I also tried the chat thing again. And it is not showing up. I tried it the other day and installed it in the plugin directory (I know I shouldnt of) but it worked except I could not see the icon when I tried to create a page or post..

    I included screenshots to see if maybe something is wrong. I am also using the Blog MU theme now, I think it will remain that way.

    Thanks for your time,


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Brian,

    Thanks for the screenshots, that helps a ton! I'm seeing two issues right of the bat, so let's get those solved and then go from there.

    First up, the blogs-mu and bp-social theme folders should be inside the top "theme" directory. They need to exist right beside twentyten.

    So at the end of it you should have the following folder inside of wp-content>themes>

    Now the Chat plugin may work in the mu-plugins folder, but the instructions really say that this one goes in your regular plugins folder (and should be activated through the normal WordPress plugin interface once installed - I know, I know they're all different, it just depends on the function of the plugin and how it's meant to be used in WordPress).

    Also, grab the latest alpha version (at the time of this post) by downloading it here:

    I did check out the site you mentioned, but I'm not sure where to look to see the classifieds section. If you tell me where to go go for that, I'll take a look and help ya here as well.

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

  • thebutcher
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks again,

    I put the MU Blog + child in the correct path. And some settings changed for the good for the first time. I made the bar blue on the top and before I was having a problem because it was to light. Now after I put the theme folders to the correct path it worked.

    I installed the new chat, it is activated.

    The issues.
    - The bottom right works with my opera, but not IE 7 just unclickable.
    - Also I still can't add it to a post or page, I do not see the icon.

    For the classified, there is no button, I think I may of of deleted it before mistakenly when I first installed it in the regular plugins (when I was confused). You can actuly find it at the bottom ofthe home page under Health Care Jobs, I added a widget.


    EDIT: I tried using opera and I saw the Chat in the post. It may have something to do with my IE 7.0.57

  • thebutcher
    • Flash Drive

    I just updated my java, I tried to check for errors but didn't know how, but figured the update should be good enough.

    I tried the new plugin and same thing. It works with my opera but not IE 7. The icon in the page does not appear and when I view the site in IE7 it does, not show the chat. If I make the chat box on the bottom right enabled, it shows the blue icon, but does not click, but it works in Opera.

  • zzpreneur
    • New Recruit

    Just uploaded the newest version of the chat plugin and I am still having problems. When I click to start a "chat session" the chat box expands to dimensions that do not allow the top of the chat box to be seen? So, i can not close out of the chat or minimize it. Any ideas? I'm a newbie so I might have overlooked something...



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